Monday, January 25, 2010


OUT with the OLD in with the NEW --2010 let's see how many of us can keep our word.

I started with saying GOODBYE to Xanga and embraced Blogspot. :)
This BLOG is dedicated to my Makeup Hauls,Shopping Hauls, Deals, Random Rants, Schoo, Outtings

Ok I just came up with something, instead of throwing away the old, did anyone ever thought about somehow making the old work, kind of like enhancing it? I just think if we keep throwing these things away asap we are always going to go through life with these unfinish puzzles not yet to be completed. I dont make sense but hope u get what im trying to say.
But I really do believe when we say: "Out with the old and in with the new" , its more towards material objects and not people!

February is going to be a sick month., not valentines day. On that day I'm going to pamper myself. Stay in and grab my sister/cousin to join, give each other facials,mani + pedis, do our hair, watch chick flicks while eating sushi and valentines chocolate. Who says u NEED a date?? I dont need to be fcking anyone on Vday and be given CRAP chocolates. haha

...Philadelphia Auto Show. Jan 30-Feb. 7th.
Yes sir i am indeed representing a wireless company. Thats absolutely a big pay. Half will be my Vacation money to sunny sunny LA. Half will be up in savings :)


 Laguna Beach ,CA

******This song is stuck in my head~! Jason Derulo: in my head. ***********
"Everybody is looking for love, OOO.
Aint that the reason why ur in this club.
In my head, I see you all over me in my head."
^^^^ Its pretty darn catchy.
Thank you to my lovely DJ friends for sending me their mixes:
Tom Rogers, Matt Louiee, Mark Calica <3

fcking sucks.

These boring professors do not make learning fun. :( I love creative writing, but why must we critique every little line we write? I really just want to write. My geography professor should go back to school. This is college why is she teaching us lessons from the 6th grade? "The earth is sphere" ---Geee, no sht???
I can pass my classes straight up with flying colors. A,A,A!

.....Self Therapy
Its been a weird and downer kind of month for me. :(
It just feels strange to be spending weekends at home now. Ahem and I wont say why.
Because of this weather I feel the urge to stay in and hibernate. Owell...its better for my skin anyway!

How to keep busy when going out isnt necessary:
-Watch endless episodes of ur fav TV show.. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Friends", "Vampire Diaries"
-Junk Food. Chili Nachos, Hot Choco, Chinese Takeout, Choco Cakes, Pasta,Wings
-Study (i know...but heY, it'll pay off in the end) -O-O-
-Online Shopping -- like i mentioned, too lazy or too cold to go out. 
-Organize everythang. Makeup, Clothing by color, decorate your room so it can be more cozy. I find that when u make ur pad more homey and cozy, u would feel super comfy to chillax there more.
-Pretty yourself up princess! Weekends are the only time I can do my manicure,get an at home facial and maintain my eyebrows.

Easy at home Facials: 
Cleanse my skin. Exfoliate with Biore Mini Dermabrasion. Mint Julep Mask. Place head over hot water to get a good steam. Then rinse off. Apply ur toner and moisturizer!!!!
Try this as a mask if u have an oily t-zone and want to tighten your pores.
Take an eggwhite and place on tzone or entire face. Wait til it hardens and rinse off.

This product works wonders for exfoliating!!!! I have sensitive skin and its fine. But warning, use maybe twice and no more then 3 times a week!!

 ...NORDSTROM , MAC, Forever 21, Coastal Scents
you can believe Im hitting those places up pretty hard! I havent really gone shopping in so long.. I really dont know what to purchase or where I would wear it too. Its too freaking cold now. Literally this winter all i did was spent money on drinks and food.

....What else do i look forward in February?
Just for it to be OVER quick quick quick. MARCH is my Springbreak...please HURRY.
Bring on warm sunny weather por favor!


Im sooo craving sushi :>


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A makeup Tutorial (maybe)
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