Tuesday, September 28, 2010

update. boring. bland. stay tune

There's so much to write but I totally forgot what I did since the last time I blogged.

School is great.
I am passing all my classes. I tried new techniques to study better and it worked. I'm very proud of myself.
Hmph, but there are no cute boys in my classes. There are tons on campus, but none in MY classes. :(

Financially, I'm happy.
Although I am trying to save for this month, because I spend money way toooo fast!
October I am treating myself to a shopping spree.
Also, I think I may get a raise ...so more cash for the holidays and London in January. :)

I'm in my phase where I dont want to settle for anything. So far I have been single since January.
I think I may get back into dating .. I mean, just because Mr. right isn't here yet it doesn't mean I cant date other fairly decent guys. I know for a fact I'm not dating any Asian boys. hahaha

Looking forward to:
shopping in NYC
SugarHouse Casino
Philadelphia Fashion Week
making vlogs
of course...Halloween!