Monday, May 17, 2010

A battle we cant win.

My daytime job is consuming my life. -_______-

The worst had happened and will happen again.
You think your life is bad , but there's people out there who lives in a house made of sticks with the earth as their floor. So before you nit pick at the little things or drag yourself into a tunnel that YOU created for yourself, look at it this way and say, hey, it happened so what can I do? Look pass it. Problem solve.  The best way to not have negative energy in your life is to start with yourself. It starts with the way you perceive life.. situations.

I'm a loner. I much rather be alone. I dont expect much from life.
I'm pretty simple. 
I was introduced to trance music at the age of 17. I fell in love.
I have met alot of awesome people through the music. The scene is full of happy and positive people and I love being around that kind of crowd.

Also over the past few months I have made a unique friend who was as enthusiastic about the music as I am.  I finally met him at Ultra Music Fest and didnt know who he was until he grab my hand and kissed it. LOL. I might not know about his entire life, BUT he loves what I love, and that is enough really. He's pretty much the happiest person I have met and I really thought we could have continue our friendship.. Music Fests, roadtrips, raves... but now he's gone. I saw him a week ago. Our little group made plans to go to DC Thursday...but now we're all attending his memorial service. :(
Everything strikes fast like a bullet, be ready.

Death is all around. Death is our destiny. We can fight it, but it is the only battle we cannot win.
I'm mad. We are all mad. I dont know why Ralph was taken away from all of us so soon.
And then I realize, maybe he's an Angel. He's this amazing light sent down from above to change lives and lifts spirits of everyone and everything he touches. His job is done.
Even if he was taken away from us so soon,I'm 110% certain Ralph Caramanica lived the past 22 years of his life to the fullest.

Your actions do matter.
They matter because everything u do effects the ones who cares about u.

Ralph Caramanica will always be Trancing no matter where he is!
RIP 5/15/10