Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas is....

1. Black Ops

2. a new gaming console(Xbox)

3. New bike

4. U

I highly doubt that my parents..err... "Santa" will read this.
I'm going to end up getting it for myself.

What do you want for Christmas?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lonely hearts fly like doves

Every now and than I push myself off a cliff just to
see if I can feel the pain.
I don't.
I don't feel anything.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

update. boring. bland. stay tune

There's so much to write but I totally forgot what I did since the last time I blogged.

School is great.
I am passing all my classes. I tried new techniques to study better and it worked. I'm very proud of myself.
Hmph, but there are no cute boys in my classes. There are tons on campus, but none in MY classes. :(

Financially, I'm happy.
Although I am trying to save for this month, because I spend money way toooo fast!
October I am treating myself to a shopping spree.
Also, I think I may get a raise more cash for the holidays and London in January. :)

I'm in my phase where I dont want to settle for anything. So far I have been single since January.
I think I may get back into dating .. I mean, just because Mr. right isn't here yet it doesn't mean I cant date other fairly decent guys. I know for a fact I'm not dating any Asian boys. hahaha

Looking forward to:
shopping in NYC
SugarHouse Casino
Philadelphia Fashion Week
making vlogs
of course...Halloween!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am lost.

Please find me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A battle we cant win.

My daytime job is consuming my life. -_______-

The worst had happened and will happen again.
You think your life is bad , but there's people out there who lives in a house made of sticks with the earth as their floor. So before you nit pick at the little things or drag yourself into a tunnel that YOU created for yourself, look at it this way and say, hey, it happened so what can I do? Look pass it. Problem solve.  The best way to not have negative energy in your life is to start with yourself. It starts with the way you perceive life.. situations.

I'm a loner. I much rather be alone. I dont expect much from life.
I'm pretty simple. 
I was introduced to trance music at the age of 17. I fell in love.
I have met alot of awesome people through the music. The scene is full of happy and positive people and I love being around that kind of crowd.

Also over the past few months I have made a unique friend who was as enthusiastic about the music as I am.  I finally met him at Ultra Music Fest and didnt know who he was until he grab my hand and kissed it. LOL. I might not know about his entire life, BUT he loves what I love, and that is enough really. He's pretty much the happiest person I have met and I really thought we could have continue our friendship.. Music Fests, roadtrips, raves... but now he's gone. I saw him a week ago. Our little group made plans to go to DC Thursday...but now we're all attending his memorial service. :(
Everything strikes fast like a bullet, be ready.

Death is all around. Death is our destiny. We can fight it, but it is the only battle we cannot win.
I'm mad. We are all mad. I dont know why Ralph was taken away from all of us so soon.
And then I realize, maybe he's an Angel. He's this amazing light sent down from above to change lives and lifts spirits of everyone and everything he touches. His job is done.
Even if he was taken away from us so soon,I'm 110% certain Ralph Caramanica lived the past 22 years of his life to the fullest.

Your actions do matter.
They matter because everything u do effects the ones who cares about u.

Ralph Caramanica will always be Trancing no matter where he is!
RIP 5/15/10

Monday, March 8, 2010

hi spring. I'm kinda fat

Hola amigos!

waking up to nice spring breeze for three straight days. *love*

I'm on a reverse diet.
Carbs, sweets, junk oh my.
I gained 5 lbs in two weeks. yay.

Last night my twin came to grab me and we got Cheesy Potatoes Skins. He gave me cupcakes from his sis bakery. Thank u!! But before the potatoes skins and cupcakes I had Cajun Jumbo Shrimps w/ rice yummy!

Red Velvet Cupcakes @ 11pm
Thnx to my Twin!

Stir Fried noodles w/ veggie+jumbo shrimp

Vietnamese Coffee 
That is Pepsi not Henny!

It came as a whole pie! I love the taste of home made pizza

Dinner: Joey's Italian Restaurant
Thin crusted pizza w/ Roasted Peppers, mushroom and Pepperoni

Lunch @ 4 Seasons 18th and Chesntnut $7
I got hungry while shopping the other day so picked up some Veggie Lasagna,Pasta Salad and Basamic Rice yum.

Finally get to use my logitech mouse  for.....

^_______________^ YES

Saturday, March 6, 2010

THE shit you read while drinking a cup of joe

Why do I have to be such a hopeless romantic??
I do believe and want to believe that Love is not dead.
Gosh. The feeling to fall into love with someone and to have that person fall into it with u. That feeling cant be compared to anything in this world. *butterflies*

I think these days, finding love is like a miracle to some people.
Money, we can easily come by. (If your not lazy)
Cars, we have.
A house we got.
A box of Goldfish S'mores-- check.
But why is the "L" word so hard to come by?

As much as I parade around about how much I hate Love and I dont need it LALALA..
I do. Maybe the things we hate are the things we secretly love but cant have. That is not so uncommon.
 We can continue on and fool ourselves. You can continue to lie to yourself that love aint shit. But the reason u feel that way is because we hate how much losing it would hurt us. Come on, to love something and then having to lose it? That feeling will tear even the strongest beast apart.

Girls will hate me for saying this....but I do believe that there are nice guys out there still. RARE, but there are...I just havent met any to my liking. You know the kind of guy who likes you because your you. The guy who tries his best to impress you without any bad motivations. The guy who will sit and listen to your problems and observes yet is hesitant to make any move. The guy who only makes conversation with you because he wants to get to know u and not into your pants.

(Angry paragraph. You know it was going to come haha)
I dislike guys who play with a girl's mind. Telling them things that doesn't mean anything. But because we are nice girls, we tend to fall for it. fkHDKhadlikhsafhgskd. Enough with the torture and grow the hell up!
Are u a MAN or are u a BTCH? hahah


-peace and quiet
-gogo dancing
-a few homework

Last night I tore that gogo box up, put it back together then tore it back up once again!
I love the energy from the crowd!! For a small girl, I have toooo much energy! I'm running on water nothing else :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

,Bull sh*tting,

Bong pong- a drinking game similiar to beer pong.
1. Set up the cups like Beer Pong
2. Stand behind the table, with a paddle, hit the ping pong downwards so it bounces into the cup.
3. U score and the other losers shall drink.

Sunday- Off to Atlantic City for >>Lingerie Collection Shoot >> comp Dinner + Comp Room courtesy of my agency. Grls if u want to crash n gamble let me know!
Monday- Video shoot + photoshoot

Im submitting these photos in to Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2010!!
Come on Pennsylvania!

"Some people change because it is a process of growing and to better themselves, the ones who arent open to change shall remain in one place".

Sunday, February 14, 2010

eh, im not a fan of hallmark holidays

You can love someone or like someone and you wouldn't need to be with them because for one it could ruin the friendship. Why break something when its not broken? Friendship is pretty much more important to me then anything right now. Sometimes the attraction to someone and not being able to be with them is 10x more better then then actual attachment. Some people are meant to be friends just like some people are meant to be lovers.(( this is not towards rob zheng btw )) hahah

Some reason, I have a new way of looking at life.
Life is pretty easy when you take it easy. Life isnt hard but we make it hard. You could be the poorest person alive but you can also be content with life. I'm trying not to focus on things I dont have and to appreciate the things I have. I mean, isnt that what life is? To live it moment by moment, day by day. Never looking back and not to jump ahead so fast?
I might not have my dream car yet, or my dream house or dream job, but I'm working my way there. I'm not even near my goal and yet I'm very happy. I'm very motivated at the moment! Everything is near perfect.

Fck I ramble too much.. moving on~!!

I sooooooo wanna take a bulldozer and just drive that sucker into the core of the earth so the hot molten liquids can ooze out and melt this fckin snow. I live on a small street and mY do we know how to NOT shovel snow. Like everything is basically shoveled from the sidewalk and put onto the street. There is a mountain of it ...who needs the Poconos when u can go boarding on my street. 
I love winter, but last night me and winter broke up.

Things that sucks:
-My car is stuck in snow.
-Literally have to cab,take a subway and be picked up by friends. ahhh
-Got my first frostbite probably ever?
-Slippery icey patches goes bad w/ heels. Stuck w/ Uggs for awhile.

roadtripping to Miami in March with amigos yayayay. 
Ultra Music Festival is a two day music event/massive rave. ooO yea! 
Still room for 2 more people in the car! Put in for gas with 2-3 others and hotel will be cheaper also.
Our hotel is right on South Beach right by the event. Not interested in the event but still wanna go to Miami?
Let meee know.

Im swamped with homework so here I go going to do my homework at 1030am. I havent slept yet.
Whatever dude, I feel great!

<3 my Vday gift to myself. <3
I treat myself well

Monday, January 25, 2010


OUT with the OLD in with the NEW --2010 let's see how many of us can keep our word.

I started with saying GOODBYE to Xanga and embraced Blogspot. :)
This BLOG is dedicated to my Makeup Hauls,Shopping Hauls, Deals, Random Rants, Schoo, Outtings

Ok I just came up with something, instead of throwing away the old, did anyone ever thought about somehow making the old work, kind of like enhancing it? I just think if we keep throwing these things away asap we are always going to go through life with these unfinish puzzles not yet to be completed. I dont make sense but hope u get what im trying to say.
But I really do believe when we say: "Out with the old and in with the new" , its more towards material objects and not people!

February is going to be a sick month., not valentines day. On that day I'm going to pamper myself. Stay in and grab my sister/cousin to join, give each other facials,mani + pedis, do our hair, watch chick flicks while eating sushi and valentines chocolate. Who says u NEED a date?? I dont need to be fcking anyone on Vday and be given CRAP chocolates. haha

...Philadelphia Auto Show. Jan 30-Feb. 7th.
Yes sir i am indeed representing a wireless company. Thats absolutely a big pay. Half will be my Vacation money to sunny sunny LA. Half will be up in savings :)


 Laguna Beach ,CA

******This song is stuck in my head~! Jason Derulo: in my head. ***********
"Everybody is looking for love, OOO.
Aint that the reason why ur in this club.
In my head, I see you all over me in my head."
^^^^ Its pretty darn catchy.
Thank you to my lovely DJ friends for sending me their mixes:
Tom Rogers, Matt Louiee, Mark Calica <3

fcking sucks.

These boring professors do not make learning fun. :( I love creative writing, but why must we critique every little line we write? I really just want to write. My geography professor should go back to school. This is college why is she teaching us lessons from the 6th grade? "The earth is sphere" ---Geee, no sht???
I can pass my classes straight up with flying colors. A,A,A!

.....Self Therapy
Its been a weird and downer kind of month for me. :(
It just feels strange to be spending weekends at home now. Ahem and I wont say why.
Because of this weather I feel the urge to stay in and hibernate. Owell...its better for my skin anyway!

How to keep busy when going out isnt necessary:
-Watch endless episodes of ur fav TV show.. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Friends", "Vampire Diaries"
-Junk Food. Chili Nachos, Hot Choco, Chinese Takeout, Choco Cakes, Pasta,Wings
-Study (i know...but heY, it'll pay off in the end) -O-O-
-Online Shopping -- like i mentioned, too lazy or too cold to go out. 
-Organize everythang. Makeup, Clothing by color, decorate your room so it can be more cozy. I find that when u make ur pad more homey and cozy, u would feel super comfy to chillax there more.
-Pretty yourself up princess! Weekends are the only time I can do my manicure,get an at home facial and maintain my eyebrows.

Easy at home Facials: 
Cleanse my skin. Exfoliate with Biore Mini Dermabrasion. Mint Julep Mask. Place head over hot water to get a good steam. Then rinse off. Apply ur toner and moisturizer!!!!
Try this as a mask if u have an oily t-zone and want to tighten your pores.
Take an eggwhite and place on tzone or entire face. Wait til it hardens and rinse off.

This product works wonders for exfoliating!!!! I have sensitive skin and its fine. But warning, use maybe twice and no more then 3 times a week!!

 ...NORDSTROM , MAC, Forever 21, Coastal Scents
you can believe Im hitting those places up pretty hard! I havent really gone shopping in so long.. I really dont know what to purchase or where I would wear it too. Its too freaking cold now. Literally this winter all i did was spent money on drinks and food.

....What else do i look forward in February?
Just for it to be OVER quick quick quick. MARCH is my Springbreak...please HURRY.
Bring on warm sunny weather por favor!


Im sooo craving sushi :>


Girls Night Out Photos
A makeup Tutorial (maybe)
Boyfriend Application  (weirdly, people had asked me so i thought this would be funny to post)