Monday, February 22, 2010

,Bull sh*tting,

Bong pong- a drinking game similiar to beer pong.
1. Set up the cups like Beer Pong
2. Stand behind the table, with a paddle, hit the ping pong downwards so it bounces into the cup.
3. U score and the other losers shall drink.

Sunday- Off to Atlantic City for >>Lingerie Collection Shoot >> comp Dinner + Comp Room courtesy of my agency. Grls if u want to crash n gamble let me know!
Monday- Video shoot + photoshoot

Im submitting these photos in to Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2010!!
Come on Pennsylvania!

"Some people change because it is a process of growing and to better themselves, the ones who arent open to change shall remain in one place".

Sunday, February 14, 2010

eh, im not a fan of hallmark holidays

You can love someone or like someone and you wouldn't need to be with them because for one it could ruin the friendship. Why break something when its not broken? Friendship is pretty much more important to me then anything right now. Sometimes the attraction to someone and not being able to be with them is 10x more better then then actual attachment. Some people are meant to be friends just like some people are meant to be lovers.(( this is not towards rob zheng btw )) hahah

Some reason, I have a new way of looking at life.
Life is pretty easy when you take it easy. Life isnt hard but we make it hard. You could be the poorest person alive but you can also be content with life. I'm trying not to focus on things I dont have and to appreciate the things I have. I mean, isnt that what life is? To live it moment by moment, day by day. Never looking back and not to jump ahead so fast?
I might not have my dream car yet, or my dream house or dream job, but I'm working my way there. I'm not even near my goal and yet I'm very happy. I'm very motivated at the moment! Everything is near perfect.

Fck I ramble too much.. moving on~!!

I sooooooo wanna take a bulldozer and just drive that sucker into the core of the earth so the hot molten liquids can ooze out and melt this fckin snow. I live on a small street and mY do we know how to NOT shovel snow. Like everything is basically shoveled from the sidewalk and put onto the street. There is a mountain of it ...who needs the Poconos when u can go boarding on my street. 
I love winter, but last night me and winter broke up.

Things that sucks:
-My car is stuck in snow.
-Literally have to cab,take a subway and be picked up by friends. ahhh
-Got my first frostbite probably ever?
-Slippery icey patches goes bad w/ heels. Stuck w/ Uggs for awhile.

roadtripping to Miami in March with amigos yayayay. 
Ultra Music Festival is a two day music event/massive rave. ooO yea! 
Still room for 2 more people in the car! Put in for gas with 2-3 others and hotel will be cheaper also.
Our hotel is right on South Beach right by the event. Not interested in the event but still wanna go to Miami?
Let meee know.

Im swamped with homework so here I go going to do my homework at 1030am. I havent slept yet.
Whatever dude, I feel great!

<3 my Vday gift to myself. <3
I treat myself well