Saturday, March 6, 2010

THE shit you read while drinking a cup of joe

Why do I have to be such a hopeless romantic??
I do believe and want to believe that Love is not dead.
Gosh. The feeling to fall into love with someone and to have that person fall into it with u. That feeling cant be compared to anything in this world. *butterflies*

I think these days, finding love is like a miracle to some people.
Money, we can easily come by. (If your not lazy)
Cars, we have.
A house we got.
A box of Goldfish S'mores-- check.
But why is the "L" word so hard to come by?

As much as I parade around about how much I hate Love and I dont need it LALALA..
I do. Maybe the things we hate are the things we secretly love but cant have. That is not so uncommon.
 We can continue on and fool ourselves. You can continue to lie to yourself that love aint shit. But the reason u feel that way is because we hate how much losing it would hurt us. Come on, to love something and then having to lose it? That feeling will tear even the strongest beast apart.

Girls will hate me for saying this....but I do believe that there are nice guys out there still. RARE, but there are...I just havent met any to my liking. You know the kind of guy who likes you because your you. The guy who tries his best to impress you without any bad motivations. The guy who will sit and listen to your problems and observes yet is hesitant to make any move. The guy who only makes conversation with you because he wants to get to know u and not into your pants.

(Angry paragraph. You know it was going to come haha)
I dislike guys who play with a girl's mind. Telling them things that doesn't mean anything. But because we are nice girls, we tend to fall for it. fkHDKhadlikhsafhgskd. Enough with the torture and grow the hell up!
Are u a MAN or are u a BTCH? hahah


-peace and quiet
-gogo dancing
-a few homework

Last night I tore that gogo box up, put it back together then tore it back up once again!
I love the energy from the crowd!! For a small girl, I have toooo much energy! I'm running on water nothing else :)

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