Monday, March 8, 2010

hi spring. I'm kinda fat

Hola amigos!

waking up to nice spring breeze for three straight days. *love*

I'm on a reverse diet.
Carbs, sweets, junk oh my.
I gained 5 lbs in two weeks. yay.

Last night my twin came to grab me and we got Cheesy Potatoes Skins. He gave me cupcakes from his sis bakery. Thank u!! But before the potatoes skins and cupcakes I had Cajun Jumbo Shrimps w/ rice yummy!

Red Velvet Cupcakes @ 11pm
Thnx to my Twin!

Stir Fried noodles w/ veggie+jumbo shrimp

Vietnamese Coffee 
That is Pepsi not Henny!

It came as a whole pie! I love the taste of home made pizza

Dinner: Joey's Italian Restaurant
Thin crusted pizza w/ Roasted Peppers, mushroom and Pepperoni

Lunch @ 4 Seasons 18th and Chesntnut $7
I got hungry while shopping the other day so picked up some Veggie Lasagna,Pasta Salad and Basamic Rice yum.

Finally get to use my logitech mouse  for.....

^_______________^ YES

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